Synology Private Cloud Server

Small Step, Big Protection.

Your investment optimized

After you invest in a NAS as a file server to protect your data, there might still be a possibility of data loss in the event of human errors or any other disasters. Synology C2 offers our NAS users a plan for data availability on the cloud, thus maximizing business continuity..

Streamlined user experience

Synology C2 provides a uniformed interface and user experience just like in DSM, requiring only a minimal learning curve. The intuitive design and graphic presentation of data create a smooth interaction, making all information easy to track.

Data and service protection expertise

Synology is an expert in data and service protection. Starting with private cloud services, we have a long history of providing reliable IT solutions for our customers. Now we are ready to step into the public cloud sector and take data protection to the next level.

Amazing Features in Synology Private Cloud Server

File Sharing

DSM provides fast and secure ways to share digital files with anyone, anywhere. With File Station, you can explore, organize, and move files between your computer and DiskStation, while customizing access permissions to enhance security and productivity. Enjoy seamless file sharing across different platforms — whether it’s Windows®, Mac®, and Linux® computers or mobile devices.


With modern hardware, having a dedicated machine for each specific task rapidly becomes an expensive and inefficient solution. DSM’s modular system allows you to install comprehensive applications and services on your DiskStation, whenever you need them. In addition, it’s possible to install software from third-party sources or even create your own.

Cloud & File Syncing

People switch between multiple devices every day. Whether you are generating a report at the office or working on a project at a coffee shop, Synology’s private cloud solution lets you pick up where you left off, wherever you go.

Data Security

Both hardware failure and malicious attacks from the Internet can disrupt access to critical digital assets. In businesses where maintaining 24/7 service is paramount, DSM offers advanced high availability and security measures to safeguard you from unexpected server disruption and data loss.

The future multimedia experience

Synology NAS creates more possibilities for experiencing your photos, videos, and music. Using an intuitive browser-based interface, you can access multimedia content anytime, anywhere.

Storage Solutions

DiskStation Manager (DSM) runs on Synology NAS of all sizes, offering essential management tools such as Storage Manager, as well as cost-effective and flexible enterprise solutions such as PetaSpace, delivering the best for your NAS.


Synology productivity tools transform the way people work together. Get more done on documents and spreadsheets, streamline projects with powerful communication tools, set up a private mail solution, and more. All applications run on your NAS, allowing for complete privacy and control over your data.

iSCSI & Virtualization

Storage is a challenge for any dynamic and modern business. Synology provides storage solutions for virtualized environments with high performance and reliability, allowing large and demanding enterprises to ensure business continuity and efficiency. Combining a simple user interface with flexible features, Synology iSCSI solutions help you answer the challenges of virtual datacenters.

Data Backup

Data is not only the core of any business but also the significant asset for general users. Important files — like your critical work documents or personal photos — deserve a great backup strategy to protect against unexpected hardware failure, natural disasters, or simple accidental deletion. Let DSM help with robust and flexible backup solutions.

DSM Virtualization

Consolidating physical servers with virtualization technology can increase server utilization and reduce business operating costs. Synology provides virtualization solutions that allow you to build a multi-tenant environment, flexibly utilize IT resources, and maximize service availability — all by virtualizing or containerizing DiskStation Manager (DSM).


A powerful operating system requires powerful controls, especially when shared among multiple users. DSM helps you configure, maintain, and monitor your NAS in a meticulous manner – and it doesn’t take an IT professional to figure out how.

Synology High Availability

Unexpected service disruptions can cost your company big money as well as cause logistical headaches for your IT department. Synology High Availability (SHA) alleviates these issues and delivers a hassle-free method to back up data and guarantee your services remain online. SHA is available for free on select Synology NAS.

Synology Private Cloud Server
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